Interview With Podia

Recently we had the chance to talk with Max Burgess, co-founder of Podia Cycling Club, a great cycling brand out of Kraków, Poland.

FGRG: I love your "slogan" I saw on the website, "Look good when you ride. Feel good when you ride. Ride." I feel it matches the motto we have, how important do you think feeling good is when you ride?

Podia: Personally I think it is really important. I can’t speak for everyone, but when I am out riding and feel like I am wearing something a bit different, something that nobody else has, something that speaks visually about who I am; I feel great. Equally when I feel good riding, I ride more – it’s a circle.

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Tenspeed Hero Setting Foot in Europe

Last weekend the good folks from Tenspeed Hero visited Amsterdam (shout out to Meesterknecht!) where they set up a Pop up store. Xandra and I visited on saturday and we had a blast!

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A new type of bell by Knog who are known for their lights and other cycling accessories. This is a stealthy looking bell, that comes in 2 sizes and 5 types of materials. Cables are not a problem as it is shaped to work with those, you can wrap it around the cabling.

I'm definitely interested in this, I usually just shout (nicely!), but a bell can be handy for sure.

It's available for preorder via their kickstarter page for the next 26 days. After that, I assume it will be available from their online shop. After 2 days it's already on $173,123/$20,000, so it's going fast!

Tenspeed Hero and Hagelslag

Being Dutch, reading Tenspeed Hero's recent post about #hagelslag really makes me love their new Resort collection, and especially this hagelslag inspired jersey, even more. It's always fun to read about something you think is normal, but probably absolutely crazy outside of the Netherlands.

They know the happiness that comes from good bread, good butter, and hagelslag. Before your morning bike to work, or your morning dropping the kids off at school in the bakfiets, or after your afternoon training ride: sprinkles. They also know that when you’re cycling that much (they really do cycle an awful lot) there’s nothing “sinful” about eating what America thinks of as candy, on buttered bread.

Check out their new Resort collection.

By the way, TSH is coming to Amsterdam for a full weekend, from the forth of march untill the sixth, check out the Facebook event.

How to wear a cycling cap

Cyclingtips has written about How to wear a cycling cap before, and there are even real 'rules' about how to wear them if you care about that kind of thing, but now they have a cool item together with the riders from Giant-Alpecin, Degenkolb definitely wins this one!


New Twin Six women jerseys

Twin Six has some great new jerseys for women and they also updated their existing ones. They sleeves are a bit longer and no longer elastic which should provide some more comfort and form fit. I rounded up the ones I like and be sure to check out the The Grind Longsleeve for when it gets a bit colder.

New legwear in the Rapha City Riding collection

Rapha dropped some new trousers in their city-riding collection. I love tapered pants so these look right up my alley, and I'm super curious how they perform and if they are really that all-weather. I'm also curious about the fit so I'm going to look at these in a Rapha CC soon!

Rapha + Liberty

Rapha has come out with an amazing collaboration with Liberty, a department store from London which I personally know best from their collaborations with Nike. This is a womens only collection but I would definitely rock the scarf and cap!

Check out the full collection on Rapha.

Another gem by Machines for Freedom

From the brand that brought you one of my all time faves, the GeoFloral print here is a new one, the Horizons Print. They have a matching cap as well!

Featuring rows and rows of mountains, this jersey maintains the same compressive, flattering fit you’ve come to expect from Machines For Freedom, while new black accents add a tougher vibe.

Spotlight on August 14

I recently discovered August 14 via Instagram and loved the kits they have out at the moment. I've been upping the floral count in my closet lately so I just might have to order the 2 floral jerseys from Singapore!