The Thrive Print

by Machines For Freedom

This jersey looks so awesome and comfortable!

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Price: 175 USD
For: Women
Color: Black

Description by Machines For Freedom:

The Thrive print hums with possibility. When we get dropped we chase back on. Put us in a situation with no community and we will build one. Find us at the bottom of a mountain and we will climb it. Like persistent wildflowers that flourish even in the harshest landscapes, we thrive… even when the odds are against us. Bursting with shades of green and yellow that peek through a digital halftone pattern, this jersey features the classic fit and sleek construction you love, with mesh panels for breathability and pockets large enough for a century. Features High-performance European fabric for best moisture wicking, breathability, and print quality. Bonus, the fabric feels amazing! 3 back pockets with a middle pocket sized for rolled jackets and other large items. (note: xx-small jersey has 2 back pockets.) Side zip, moisture resistant, pocket for your keys and wallet. COLDBLACK technology to keep you cool. SPF 50+ Top quality, self-locking, zippers for a great fit. Excellent compression.

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